China Software

china softwareChina software development is a popular career. China creates software for computers and mobile phones. They even have a catalog for all of the software that they produce. The most active software association in China is called the China Software Industry Association. This association helps provide a market for Chinese-developed software overseas as well as helping to continue and expand the software market within China.

China produces software for many different types of companies. This region is known as the hub for software development. China is also always working on developing new products and the software for those new products. It is well-known around the world that China works hard to keep on top of all technological advances where ever they occur–and has lots of success anticipating and servicing future technological needs.

The software industry in China has expanded by 39% in the past 6 years and is expected to grown another 22% by 2012. China has so many software companies and is so advanced at software development that they had to create “software parks.” There are at least ten software parks located in China. There are also colleges that Chinese people can attend to specialize in software development and testing of software. One of the most popular fields of current software development is in the business field. Software development is strong along industrial sectors, banking, and manufacturing. There is also a large software outsourcing market in China. When software business is exported, it is mainly exported to Japan. With all of the software companies, schools, and software parks in China, the software industry is increasing each year in China.